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A Review of Aromafloria Bath and Body Massage Oil and Body Wash

When I have a cold or the flu, or, if I’m feeling under the weather in any other fashion, I want to use a product that will relax me, rejuvenate me, or refresh me in some manner. When I’m down, I like to pamper myself a little. After all, who else will do it for ‘ya?

I’ve always been known for my keen sense of smell, and my utmost enjoyment of the use of one of my favorite senses. I have a love of aromatherapy products, and do believe in their contribution to mood adjustment and overall wellness.

Nothing is better when you’re suffering from a cold than the right aromatherapy – especially bath products. I’ve raved before about the brand Kiss My Face® and their products for cold and flu. Their other body washes are top notch as well, such as their athletic wash (for sore muscles, but good for colds too).

Now, during my last trip stocking up on supplies to ease the discomfort of a cold, I was looking for my favorite Kiss My Face® Cold and Flu wash. However, the drugstore where I was shopping did not carry it, and so instead I bought Aromafloria Muscle Soak® Bath and Body Massage Oil, and their Body Wash as well.

Well, it’s ok. But it’s no Kiss My Face®. The fragrance combination should have been a winner – eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass (imagine my initial excitement!), but alas, the product did not deliver. First of all, it is packaged in such a fashion as one cannot smell before buying, and, the fragrance is far too weak. The body wash does not lather as well as my old favorite, and the body oil is not as smooth as some others I have purchased before from Bath and Body Works, for about half the price as well. Not to mention, the smell is barely distinguishable on the skin after use; it does not linger well. Nor does it seem to fill the air, especially in comparison to other products I have tried or relied on in the past.

The oil sells for $15 for 9 fl. oz, and the body wash sells for about $8 for 7 fl. oz.

You know, I never spend that kind of money on products like that….but I was desperate. Are desperation purchases like impulse purchases?

But, I’ve had worse. I will use the products until they are gone, but, in the meantime I might have to find my old standby for those especially blah days.

Foot and Toe Tips: How to Get Magazine Toes

We’ve all seen the toes on television which look like they are fake. The real toe does not look like it does on television. At least our own toes do not look that good. Our toes are walked on all day long. They are dry, cracking and sore. The best thing that you can do for your feet is buy some type of intensive care lotion for your feet and put the lotion on them every single night before you go to bed. Make this a habit, like brushing your teeth before you fall asleep. Soon, you will have baby smooth feet and toes which are that much closer to looking like magazine toes.

The next thing that you will want to do is keep up on trimming your nails. Always trim your nails straight across, never round the nail towards the skin. If you round the nail towards the skin you will eventually start to develop and ingrown toe nail. Then the doctor will have to cut a section out of your nail and shots between your toes is very painful. Never trim the nail to the point where you cannot see any growth. This is too short. You will want to leave a sliver of white growth on your toe nails.

You can go to the spa or store and purchase some type of salt that you can place on your feet. You will massage this salt into your feet and remove all of the dead skin off of your feet and toes. Your feet will be the smoothest you will ever feel them right after this salt bath. Try to do this at least several times per week or more depending on the results you want and the results you are getting. Between the lotion and the salt your feet and toes will look great all year long even in the winter months. Come summer time, you will have magazine toes!

The next thing that you can do is paint your nails or place nails on your toenails. I know this sounds ridiculous but I’ve done it before. You can purchase nail sets from any local store which looks like french manicured toe nails. This will be the last and final step towards getting those perfect toe nails. It might take a little bit to get used to them but they look great in sandals and even barefoot. If you don’t like that idea you will want to purchase nail polish from your local hair salon. These polishes work the best and they will dry fast as well. Paint the nails a color that isn’t too dark which will white out your feet and make them look extremely light.

Essence of Beauty Bath & Shower Gloves – Review

I love unique concepts when it comes to bath time. From glow in the dark bubble baths, to odd dried up pieces of coral sponges, I have tried it all.

A few years ago on the racks at my local CVS i came across a unique bathing essential, that I felt I needed. Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves. These gloves were designed to massage my skin while applying soap, gel, or shower wash easily.

I figured this would be the perfect solution to holding soap. Instead of holding the soap I could just brush it across the gloves, and apply the suds that way.

The Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves, actually have an abrasive yet soft texture to them, so I knew that I would be renewing my skin each and every time I used them. I thought so anyway.

The gloves came in either pink, purple or blue at the time, I myself choose the pink.

At home I could not wait to put them to the test. I hopped into the shower, shampooed and conditioned, and then slipped on my gloves. I wanted to try it out with my soap first, so thats what I did. I rubbed my bar of soap in the palms of my gloved hands until I had a decent lather working. I then placed the soap to the side, and rubbed the gloves across my skin.

Um…it hurt. I won’t like. It was a bit more abrasive than I would have liked. I got used to it though, and continued to rub my skin. However it was not long till the gloves were saturated with water and suds; the gloves got heavy and fell off of my hands.

I ended up scooping one of them up and using it the same way I would use a shower poof. Using the glove this way sort of defeated the whole purpose of the gloves. Bah!

I suppose my hands were to small for the gloves; but what gives, they were obviously designed for a woman, there was no way in hell I could see a man purchasing these gloves! Why would they not make them tighter or smaller to accommodate the female hand?

I used them again a few days after that to apply shower gel, and the same thing happened. They worked for a few seconds, and once they became heavy and saturated they would slowly slip off of my hands. I tried holding on to the edges of the gloves to keep them on, but it became a pain in the butt to do this while trying to massage the soap lather into my skin.

They failed on designing the Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves; if they would have just made the elastic bands tighter, they would have worked like a charm. Too bad.


Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves is a big waste of $2.50. The concept seemed awesome at the time, but they are just a waste of time and money.

I recommend just sticking with your shower poof or sponge, it works better.

Pricing and availability:

I have seen the Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves nearly everywhere they sell bathing goods. They usually come wrapped in cheap plastic bags, and sell for $2.50 or more.

Avoid em’!

Dtox Day Spa Los Angeles: Listed in the Best of LA 2007

Located at 3206 Los Feliz Boulevard in Los Angeles California is one of the best spas in the city. In fact Dtox Day Spa in Los Angeles was ranked as one of the “Best of LA 2007,” as one of the best spas in the city of Los Angeles.

Make an appointment for a day at Dtox Day Spa Los Angeles, listed in the Best of LA 2007, and you will understand why Dtox is considered one of the Best of LA. You will enjoy everything about Dtox Day Spa from the feel of the facility, to the calm environment, and the peaceful staff standing by to make your day at Dtox Day Spa the best ever.

Unless you know what you have in mind when you arrive at Dtox Day Spa, one of the Best in LA 2007, you may have a hard time deciding on the service you are interested in. There are so many distressing procedures that are offered to clients. Dtox Day Spa offers beauty services such as facials, massage, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, waxing, and more. Special packages are offered for men, as well as for couples which is an excellent wedding gift.

With the Couples Package, couples can select from one of two packages either the Harmony Package which is priced at $225.00 per person, or the Indulgence Package priced at $290.00 per person. Couples have the opportunity to use the private suites, and if they so desire can have side-by-side treatments.

Prices vary for services rendered simply depending on the service chosen. A Dtox Day Spa signature facial is priced between $65.00 and $90.00. If you are looking for a procedure to renew your body, mind and spirit, a Time Lift Peel might be exactly what you need. The Time Lift Peel is priced at $150.00. Give the gift of distressing to your loved one by providing spa services for someone you love.

Great selections to give a loved one are a few procedures from the Enhancements category such as a Glycolic Peel, a Facial Contour Mask, an Algae and Collagen Eye Treatment, and a Hydrating Lip Treatment. You can get all of these services for approximately $125.00.

Spa services don’t stop with facials and massages at Dtox Day Spa. They also offer Hypnotherapy to help stop smoking habits. Group parties and private Yoga services are also offered at Dtox Day Spa for those that are interested.

Dtox Day Spa Los Angeles, one of the Best in LA 2007 is opened Monday through Friday from 10:00AM to 8:00PM, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. For more information on Dtox Day Spa Los Angeles visit theWeb site today.

A Spa in a Bottle – EZFlow is SilkySoft

Those of you who are true girly girl’s at heart can appreciate a manicure and pedicure as part of your routine grooming regimen. The only thing that’s better than a regular manicure and pedicure is a deluxe spa manicure and pedicure.

As soon as you take a seat you are instantly transported to a place of tranquility as the chair gently massages every single muscle in your body. If that wasn’t enough indulgence, then you have the pleasure of a skilled technician giving your tired feet a great massage as well.

I recall the first time I enjoyed a Spa manicure and pedicure, I became an instant convert. Although the Spa was extraordinary, there was a little extra bonus at the conclusion of my Spa experience that was completely unexpected. I received a little goody bag to take home with me. I thanked and tipped my technician and happily made my way home.

Once I got home I opened my bag and saw that the contents included an aromatherapy lavender candle, a mini manicure kit and a bottle of lotion. I thought it was a wonderful little gift and put it aside and didn’t think much else about it until later that week. I was on my way out to an appointment and I always carry a bottle of lotion in my handbag and I could not locate my usual brand so I grabbed the one I received from my recent spa visit.

As I was waiting in the lobby for my client, I decided to make a quick run to the ladies room and wash my hands. When I began drying my hands I realized I needed to use some lotion, so I remembered the bottle I had in my handbag. Once I opened the bottle I was instantly taken by the wonderful fragrance. My immediate reaction was, “what a scrumptious scent’! It was fresh and smelled like some kind of flower and berries but I couldn’t identify what it was.

When I read the label I realized that it was Awapuhi Wildflowers with a blend of natural berries, fruits and floral extracts. Other then the fragrance the next thing I experienced once I gently massaged the lotion onto my hands was an explosion of tiny little beads that seemed to be literally rejuvenating my hands.

After I used this product my hands were as smooth as silk and I almost could not stop touching them because I have never felt this kind of silkiness as a result of a lotion. I did some research and found out the following information regarding this product:

EZFLOW – This company is better known from their products they use in many nail salons such as nail polish, and other nail accessories. However, they also manufacture and distribute spa products such as the lotion I received in my goody bag. It’s a line of lotions called SilkySoft Hand amp; Body Lotion. They offer many different fragrances but the Awapuhi Wildflowers is my favorite by far. The lotion comes in a 8 fl or 16 fl oz size bottle.

The Awapuhi Wildflowers is a nourishing Anti-bacterial product with the following ingredients; Triclosan, Purified Water, Aloe Vera extract, Sage Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Honey and Vitamin A,E,C amp; H just to name a few. You can find out more information about this particular lotion and others at the EZFLOW Nail Systems website at

This lotion will no doubt become a must have as part of your daily beauty routine.

Patches for Skincare – A New Trend

Whitening strips, massage chairs, $200 memory foam pillows, and more are included. A new trend in skincare that allows you to target various parts of your body (where it needs most improvement) comes with a patch. Patches are out there, designed to help quit smoking, relieve pain, prevent pregnancy and more. Now, patches are being designed to take care of your beauty concerns.

Many patches for skincare are designed to offset the appearance of aging. These include anti-wrinkle and cellulite patches. Collagen anti wrinkle patches, available over-the-counter, can help people remove lines and wrinkles from their face with a simple application to the affected areas such as the forehead and cheeks. Many manufacturer claim you will see results after only a few applications. Usually, there is a routine set for patch placement and it is encouraged that a moisturizer be applied immediately after.

Yet another type of skincare patch are Vitamin C patches. Vitamin C patches, acting as antioxidants, work to help repair skin damaged by the sun. As with other chemicals, skin patches work through time release technology which penetrates the contents of patch into the skin gradually within a couple of hours. This is why many patches require that it be worn over night. In the cause of Vitamin C skincare patches, they are heavily saturated yet comfortable to wear. As a result, the skin becomes smoother to the touch while having nutrients infused at the same time.

Anti-cellulite patches are also making its rounds on the market. These patches attach cellulite, which are a group of fat cells that buildup against one part of the skin that eventually causes a dimple effect when pressed. “Cellupatches”, as they are often called, usually contain natural ingredients. Surprisingly, there are cellulite patches with caffeine as well. Adding them into trouble areas for eight hours helps the caffeine seep in, which are supposed to help circulation.

Skincare patches are typically easy to use. They are a far outcry from cream products that may not penetrate the skin very well. All it takes is adding it to a problematic area and that’s it. Unlike creams and pills that require a little bit of brain power, skincare patches only need to be slapped on. Now, is there anyone on Earth that cannot do that?

St. Augustine Salon Review: Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon, Inc

Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon has been in business since 1991. They specialize in weight control services, skin care, day spa, massage therapy, hair and nail services. They also specialize in Wullstone therapy, body treatments, Rejuvalite therapy, full service hair salon, acrylic nails, and reflexology.

While this salon is adequate, I felt that it was a little too small. There isn’t a lot of room for clients to sit and relax without tripping over each other. The mood is a bit hectic because of this and tends to put you in a stressful state of mind instead of the relaxing mentality you are there to pay for. Of course, it could also depend on when you go. The weekends will be busier than the weekdays. The experience could be totally different when they aren’t as busy.

The prices for the services they provide were a bit high for my taste. The haircuts there are average and you may even get a sense of buyer’s remorse after you leave the salon. There are plenty of other hair and nail salons in St. Augustine for this place not to be more competitive in customer service, pricing and overall quality. I think that if they created and executed a marketing and customer service plan, there would be resolutions to many of the smaller issues they may have.

If you are going to go to Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon I would encourage you to start with something small that can be undone if necessary. Instead of getting a hair cut and color, begin with getting your nails done. If that experience is satisfactory, then graduate to some of their other services. Build a rapport with your stylist and do not be afraid to let them know what you want and what you are unhappy with if anything.


Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon, Inc.

403 Anastasia Blvd.

St. Augustine, FL 32080


Acceptable forms of Payment:

Visa, Mastercard

Product Review: LUSH Massage Bars

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little adventurous, it’s fun to give or get a massage. LUSH Cosmetics understands this, and has a whole line dedicated to the art of massage. They offer a wide range of bars in different scents, from soft and sexy honey caramel to invigorating ginger and cinnamon.

I was interested in LUSH massage bars mostly because they offered a solution to messy creams and oils. When you’re giving or getting a massage, the last thing you want to be fumbling with is a slippery bottle of oil or cream! That is a total mood-killer. After I got past the whole “facilitating” aspect of massage bars, I realized that these bars do a great job of moisturizing my rough patches of skin during the winter!

Each LUSH massage bar is made with a blend of butters (cocoa butter and shea butter, which are both great for softening dry skin) and essential oils (such as lavender to sooth or neroli to invigorate). Most of all of these bars are vegan/vegetarian and NONE of them are tested on animals.

In order to use a massage bar, you first have to warm it up. You can do this by either holding it in your hands for a few minutes or by rubbing it on your skin first and then getting a good lather in your hands. It doesn’t take much to warm these bars up. They are solid at room temperature but like chocolate, it melts as soon as it hits body temperature.

I’ve tried two massage bars to date: Strawberry Feels Forever and The Honeymooner. The first one I tried was The Honeymooner, which is a heart-shaped massage bar that smells like vanilla and caramel, with little bits of chocolate inside the heart itself that melts when put in contact with skin. I wasn’t too keen on this massage bar, mostly because the smell reminded me of an old perfume I used to wear when I was a kid (Vanilla Fields, to be exact). This bar is also way too easy to melt. I couldn’t even get a good massage rhythm going without it starting to melt all over and break apart in my hands.

The second massage bar I tried was with much more favorable results. This is Strawberry Feels Forever, and it has to be my favorite massage bar out of all the ones I’ve smelled (and I’ve smelled all of them!) This has a strawberry cream scent to it, and it is a great moisturizer. The scent is sort of sweet but also not overpowering. It really is perfect and very pleasant to use with a partner. It also did a number on my dry winter skin; it felt so good to smooth this over my itchy dermis after a bath in the dead of winter. I felt so moisturized and soft that I just slid into my pajamas every night.

Another good use for massage bars is as a bath melt. LUSH sells their own line of bath melts but for those of us that don’t want to make another trip to the store (or spend more money), we can slice off a little sliver of our massage bars and plunk it in a warm bath. Since the water is hotter than body temperature, it melts easily and you can soak away your dry skin. Be careful though, as this will make your tub very slippery!

LUSH massage bars will run you between $7 to $12. If you buy two bars you get a free tin to keep your massage bars in. Before committing to buy, be sure to test out each massage bar at the LUSH store or read more reviews. If you have sensitive and dry skin, then these might be for you.

Natural Ways to Remove Scars Using Massage Therapy

A mature scar is a type of scar which takes longer to form, usually between 3-18 months after suffering from the wound. On the other hand, an immature scar forms shortly after being injured and it’s generally painful. One of the natural ways to remove scars is through undergoing massage therapy which consists of six different techniques.

The first type of massage therapy and one of the best natural ways to remove scars is manual lymph drainage. This process focuses on the circulation of the scar section and lymph tissue. The therapist will put pressure on your scar in a circular motion to drain it. It’s usually a painless procedure.

Myofacial release eases constriction by stretching the scar with the therapist’s fingers moving clockwise and counterclockwise. The therapist will perform it in a parallel direction of the scar tissue.

Deep transverse friction helps in preventing formations of adhesion and ruptures of present formations. This is a type of deep tissue massage technique that is recommended for patients who are ready for the procedure and not those who can’t tolerate the pain.

Lubrication can be performed with the use of lotion, vitamin E oil, castor oil and other types of oil. This technique softens the tissue and makes the texture malleable. Moreover, the scar remains moist and closed.

Other natural ways to remove scars are stretch technique and heat application. Stretch restores the scar area’s movement and lengthens the tissue. Heat application also improves the scars movement as well as malleability.

These natural ways to remove scars should be performed by a qualified and skilled massage therapist who can select the best therapy to heal your scars. You may also consult your doctor for recommendations. You don’t have to endure bearing scars for the rest of your life. With these natural ways to remove scars , you can finally move on, let go of the past and be confident with your physical appearance.

Five Day Spa Treatments to Freshen Up Skin for Spring

Is your skin in need of a pick-me-up after a long winter? The cold and dry days of winter may have left your skin parched, flaky and thirsting for moisture. Head to the day spa for a skin-rejuvenating treatment and you can give your skin a boost of moisture, diminish lines and wrinkles, and enjoy a healthier look. If you live in a warmer climate, Spring season might be the season to show off more skin. Treat your skin to a day spa treatment that will get rid of dead skin cells and bring out that healthy glow!

Here are just five day spa treatments that can freshen up your skin for the spring season:

#1: Anti-Aging Facial
If your skin looks dull and lackluster after the long and cold winter, settle in for an anti-aging facial that will plump up the skin and diminish lines and wrinkles. Many anti-aging facials at the day spa include collagen boosters or sprays that are infused with oxygen. These facials will clear up congested skin and can also eliminate excessive dryness.

#2: Salt Scrub
If you’re looking for a head-to-toe spa experience, head to the day spa for a salt scrub. Salt scrubs can get rid of dead skin cells all over the body and make your skin more radiant. They’re great for reviving skin after a long winter and eliminating rough patches of skin on your knees, elbows and hands.

#3: Microdermabrasion
If you need a more aggressive facial exfoliation, head to the day spa for a microdermabrasion treatment. These treatments can buff away lines and wrinkles, eliminate rough and damaged patches of skin, and also reduce flakiness. You’ll leave the spa with smoother, glowing skin and can see progressive results a few weeks after your session.

#4: Enzyme or Mud Wrap
Another way to refresh skin from head to toe is with a body wrap. An enzyme body wrap will infuse your skin with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and also rehydrate your skin after winter. Look for body wraps made with fruits and vegetables, including papaya, pineapple, mango and passionfruit for an extra moisture boost. If you want to banish dry skin for good this spring, try a mud wrap instead. Mud wraps or mud baths can detoxify the skin and deep-cleanse the pores. They also leave your skin feeling silky smooth and noticeably softer.

#5: Hydrotherapy Spa Treatments
If you’re feeling stressed out and want to treat your skin to a hydrating treatment, head to the day sp for a hydrotherapy session this spring. Hydrotherapy treatments are usually include a mix of antioxidant-rich compounds, aromatherapy oils and moisturizing ingredients that can rejuvenate your skin and also induce relaxation. Some day spas also offer milk and honey baths, which are especially effective for rehydrating the skin.