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Types of Health Spas

You might think that health spas are all about pampering yourself, and while that is true, they also have more to offer. Don’t overlook the health aspects of spas treatments, including physical therapy, nutrition, stress management and alternative medicine. Spa treatments can address the whole body and inner well-being as well as provide pampering services, such as facials and manicures. Spas are found all over the country in a wide variety of settings, from airports and office buildings to remote resorts.

Day Spa

You can spend anywhere from an hour to a full day at a day spa and choose from a menu of services. Small day spas may offer just a few specialties, such as waxing, pedicures and facials. Larger day spas often have package deals where you don a robe and slippers and move from room to room for a variety of treatments. These spas can give you full body treatments, including body wraps, exfoliation and toning. A variety of facial treatments, aromatherapy, massage and saunas are common services.

Destination Spa

A destination spa functions like a spa and hotel in one. Guests stay for a weekend, a week or more and partake in a variety of services, from day spa treatments to organized sports. The focus of destination spas is often on changing lifestyles. There is an emphasis on nutrition, physical activity and healthful living. Personal trainers, counselors and estheticians are all employed by destination spas to provide a well-rounded experience. You can generally choose which activities, treatments and programs to participate in depending on your needs.

Medical Spa

A medical spa can sound intimidating, but it’s actually designed to relax and pamper you if you are undergoing a medical procedure. Licensed doctors run medical spas and offer the kinds of procedures you should only get from qualified medical specialists. These can include Botox, chemical peels, collagen injections, cryotherapy and laser vein removal. Dental spas offer a wide range of medical and cosmetic dental treatments. Medical and dental spas offer esthetic services, such as day spas offer, as a complement to the medical procedures.

Mineral Springs

A mineral spa is built up around a natural mineral spring or hot springs. Hydrotherapy treatments utilizing the springs is the focus of the spa. Mineral springs have higher concentrations of minerals such as magnesium, sulphur, iron and potassium than other sources of water and these are thought to be beneficial to health and in skincare. Natural mineral springs range in temperature from warm to hot and soaking in them is relaxing. Some spas are very basic with bathing done outside in natural pools, while some facilities are elaborate and pipe water to special baths. The spas also tend to offer other services, such as massage, while large resorts have estheticians on staff.

Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic spas are based on a form of alternative medicine founded in India. Aromatherapy, essential oils and various massage procedures are central to Ayurvedic treatments. Herbal wraps, steam and exfoliants are also used in treatments. Relaxation and health are addressed with ayurvedic treatments and spas are designed to be calming and serene.


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Product Review: Wellbox Lipo Massage Machine

The Wellbox Lipo Massage Machine is designed to reduce the signs of aging by fighting cellulite. This product can be purchased and used privately in your own home. It is rather expensive, costing $1,500 at Brookstone, but the product will give you results if you use it faithfully.

The Lipo Massage Machine can be used on your face and body to reduce fine lines and firm the skin. It does this by improving connective tissue functioning. The machine has two actions called tissular rolling and tissular lifting. Tissular lifting gives you firmer skill while tissular lifting improves elasticity and complexion to get rid of wrinkles. It is commonly used on the thighs, stomach, butt, and face.

The product is easy to use at home although it is quite time consuming. I use mine for about 45 minutes per day, most days of the week. This sounds like a long time but it is rather relaxing and I can do it while watching TV since the machine is not very loud. At first, I just noticed smoother skin, but after about two months I did being to see a reduction in cellulite. If you do not have the time to use this product religiously every day, do not bother buying it because you will not see results.

A friend of mine also owns this product and told me that it helped to keep her skin firm while she lost weight instead of getting droopy like what often happens. If you are using it in addition to a workout program, you will see results faster and notice your muscles looking leaner. So speed the process along, you may want to consider using an anti-cellulite cream with it.

The machine appears to be durable because I have been using it all the time for about six months now and have had no problems with it. For its price, it should be high quality. It also comes with many different attachments to use on different parts of your body for different purposes. The instructions are very clear and explain everything so that the machine is easy to use effectively.

Some people use this machine to replace professional endermologie sessions and find it to be similarly as effective for less cost.

There are many anti-cellulite treatments out there but most do not seem to be effective. While privacy, the Wellbox Lipomassage Machine works well for the purpose it was designed for and is therefore worth the money if you are looking to reduce your cellulite.

Product Review: Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil from Bath & Body Works

One of my all time favorite relaxing aromatherapy products to use is Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil from Bath amp; Body Works. It has a lovely light eucalyptus scent with a hint of mint. The aroma of the massage fills the room when I use it and it really helps soften the skin and give an excellent massage.

The Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil comes in a green glass bottle and contains about 4 ounces in it. I find the massage oil last a long time because a little bit at a time goes along ways. You do not need a lot to give a good massage, moisturize your skin, or make a relaxing moisturizing bath. The price of the massage oil I think is a bit expensive being $16 a bottle so I usually wait until it goes on sale. Once the product goes on sale I stock up. I buy my massage oil online at Bath amp; Body Work’s Online Store because I do not have a local store in the area and you can too if there isn’t one in your area either. I do think the massage oil is worth buying because it does relax and pamper the body, mind, and spirit.

The way I like to use the Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil from Bath amp; Body Work’s is usually in my bath as a bath oil and after my bath as a moisturizing oil. I usually fill my bathtub up with plenty of hot water and pour 1 tablespoon of the massage oil into my bathwater with 1 cup of Epsom salt and allow the ingredients to dissolve into the water. After I get into my bath and relax. The eucalyptus spearmint aroma is very calming and refreshing. It really helps relieve my stresses and anxiety a lot. I even this massage oil helps relieve aches and pains when I have a cold. After my bath my skin feels really soft and is lightly scented with the wonderful eucalyptus spearmint aroma, but I still like to massage some of the oil directly onto my body and skin to help give it a deep moisturizing. Then I have to allow my skin to absorb all the oil in before I put on my clothing because it will become all oily if I do not. It usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes before the oil is fully absorbed into my skin. I usually just brush my teeth and do my hair while I am waiting.

The other ways I have used the Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil is by pouring a tablespoon of it into my candle burner with a tablespoon of water. After I place a tea light candle underneath it and allow the eucalyptus aroma to fill my home. I even use it to give back massages to my boyfriend and he finds it really relaxing as well, and I like that I do not have to keep pouring oil into my hands during the massage because one little handful of it last until I am done the massage which is very nice.

Anyways, I hope those of you who are looking for a relaxing massage oil enjoy the Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil if you try it. I know I love it so much and will continue to use it as long as I can. I hope you all have a wonderful time pampering and relaxing yourselves.

Spa Etiquette: Five Tips to Follow on Your Next Spa Visit

It’s a classic scenario: you go to the spa to relax, but as you arrive to start to stress about what is considered “proper manners”. Do I tip the therapist? Do I leave the tip with the front desk associate? How much do I undress? Follow these general guidelines to put the relaxation back in to your spa visit.

Book your appointment at least 48 hours in advance, and be clear on policies. Most spas will charge you for cancelling within a 24 hour window since they could have booked another person in your time slot. If you are trying a new service, ask questions about what clothing you should wear, things you should know, etc. If you have a preference between a male and a female therapist, this is the time to put in your request! Any health issues you want the spa to be aware of should be discussed at this point.

Arrive to your appointment at least 20 minutes early. This allows time to change into a robe, fill out any pre-consultation card, and relax before your service. Are you familiar with the area? Plan ahead if parking may be a concern, and be prepared with cash if the spa has a valet parking service. Call the spa if you run into an unexpected delay; you don’t want the therapist to think that you will be a no-show. Being late isn’t the end of the world, but your service may get cut short, and you don’t want to throw off the therapist’s timing for the rest of the day.

Disrobe to your comfort level. There really is no right or wrong method. Plenty of people remove all of their clothing for a massage (which helps avoid getting oils and creams on anything), but you certainly don’t have to. Feel free to ask your therapist what is best (they are there to make you feel comfortable, after all). For a facial, you are typically provided with a strapless gown. Keep in mind that you will be covered with a sheet during any service, at that your therapist is a professional who should make you feel comfortable no matter what.

When it comes to tipping, this is typically done with the front desk associate (after all, who wants to carry money around in their robe?). Leaving about 15% is average, but feel free to give less or more depending on your experience. Some spas build gratuity in to the bill, so check the receipt or ask the front desk if this is the case. If you have a comment (good or bad), let them know! Just like any business, a spa operator wants to know what they are doing right and what needs to be improved upon. They will be grateful for your feedback.

If you are at a spa with a hot tub, sauna or relaxation lounge, make the most of your experience by lounging after your appointment. Bring a bathing suit, and be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Spas are typically mindful of the environment, so try to limit your use of towels.

Most importantly, remember to relax! A spa’s entire mission is to please clients like you, so don’t get too caught up in etiquette or modesty. Visit their web site ahead of time to be clear on their policies and extra amenities that you may want to take advantage of. This is the time to focus on yourself and let go of daily stress.

Five Great Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush Products

Almost everyone loves to experience a good shampoo. Much of the reason for this is because it is a wonderful sensation to have your scalp thoroughly stimulated with a great wash. A way to bring this feeling home every time you shower is to invest in a nice scalp massage shampoo brush to use when you shampoo.

A good scalp massage shampoo brush will have an easy to grip handle or securing mechanism to prevent it from slipping in the shower. The brush will have flexible bristles that will give when coming in contact with the scalp to facilitate a comfortable massage during the shampooing process. A quality scalp massage shampoo brush with these main features can be found in a few different styles.

A Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush – The Sleek Model

The Denman Shampoo Massage Brush is $5.99 on It has a distinctive handle that the whole hand can be slipped through, or the handle can be held “pail style” if preferred. The design is sleek and the matte coloring makes it a nice addition to contemporary shower d├ęcor.

A Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush – The Swissco

Swissco has a lot of coverage in the shampoo brush industry. A Swissco scalp brush is quite distinctive in many cases as they usually feature bright cheery colors and their shape can somewhat resemble a miniature antique iron. The brushes are very good though while being a low price. The bristle bed on these is particularly comfortable.

A Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush – The Hanging Brush

Luxor has a fun little scalp massage brush with a built-in suction cup for easy storage on the shower wall. The Luxor models feature the same characteristics as the Swissco otherwise. The bristle bed ‘gives’ easily to allow a comfortable massage much like the Swissco, and the basic design of both is the same.

A Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush – Give Me a Hand carries a very unique scalp massage brush that slides over the hand and fits somewhat like a one-sided glove. Comfortable bristles are located at the tips of the fingers to allow a stimulating head massage and shampoo without having to worry about losing your grip on an unsecured brush.

A Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush – Traditional

The Fuller Brush Company has a scalp massage shampoo brush for the consumer who wants to stimulate their scalp with a shower brush much like a regular brush. This model features a long handle with all of the bristles conveniently located on one end. The handle is long enough for scrubbing the head without having to overthink.

These five scalp massage brushes each can fill a little niche in the shower!