With the advent of day spas, massage has become an ultra-popular way to treat oneself to a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. In the world of massage therapy, the types and techniques being practiced today are nearly as diverse as those practicing them. Some massages, like a Swedish massage, use circular motions, kneading, and long strokes to help relax the muscles. Others, like Shiatsu, make use of focusing pressure from the fingertips in certain areas to help relieve tension and increase the flow of energy and restore balance, much like acupuncture. Now matter how different a massage treatment can be from another technique, they all have real, proven benefits that can be felt.

1. Perhaps the number one benefit those who receive massages are seeking is a sense of relaxation. The massaging of tense muscles after a long period of stress helps to relax those muscles, giving a heightened sense of calmness felt throughout the body. Massages have also been shown to increase the healthy release of hormones and toxins found in the skin, and might even be linked to a noticeable reduction in the production of wrinkles.

2. Pain relief is another reason people often receive massages. Having tense or tight muscles can be uncomfortable or even painful for some. By utilizing massage techniques to relax the muscles, the tightness seems to melt away, oftentimes with the pain and discomfort following. Massage therapy is a great idea for those who experience frequent tightness or cramping, especially in athletes.

3. Frequent massage treatments can also help promote health and wellbeing, as well as mobility and movement. Keeping muscles loose and stretched through massage techniques can greatly improve range of motion, as well as flexibility. This is a huge benefit for those who keep active, especially as age may start becoming an issue. Massages have also been shown to help increase blood flow throughout the body, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure. Recovering from such injuries as sprains and tears can also be helped along through the use of specialized massage techniques that aim at stimulating and regenerating tissues. On top of all of these health benefits, regular massage treatments can also lead to a strengthening of the immune system, making it easier to fight off infection and illness.

4. A reduction in stress after a massage is also noticeable. Because of this, many who receive massages report a heightened sense of concentration, as well as a reduced number of headaches incurred. This is a great advantage for those who work in a field where clear thinking is an on-the-job requirement.

The benefits of receiving massages are virtually endless. The sense of relaxation and tranquility are often enough to prod those who have already received massage therapy to return for follow-up treatments. Not only good for the body and its health, massage also helps sooth the mind and soul, and who couldn’t use a little soothing at a time like this?

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