Are you searching for the best day spa in Omaha, Nebraska? Looking for the top spa in Omaha for a facial, manicure, pedicure, massage, or other beauty treatment? Getting married soon and want to look your best for your wedding day? Want to buy a gift certifiicate to a reputable spa for a friend or relative in the area? Here are few fantastic spas to consider in Omaha.

Omaha Spa #1: Oasis Massage and Spa

689 N. 132nd Street

(402) 964-2267

One relaxing spa in Omaha that would meet your beauty needs is Oasis Massage and Spa. The friendly and experienced staff would be happy to pamper you. If you visit their website here, you will learn that they strive to be a “quiet, peaceful place” to provide a “relaxing haven” for clients. If you need a facial, they can help you, they offer several types including a deep custom facial, chemical peel, calming facial and anti-aging facial. They even provide a “pampering pregnancy facial” that is customized to treat skin that is experiencing the changes that come with pregnancy. Of course, they offer manicures and pedicures too – they have three levels – express, classic and spa. Some of their other services are herbal wraps, body polish, seaweed gel wrap and aromatherapy wrap. They provide several types of massages including neuromuscular, deep tissue, pregnancy and swedish. Visit their site or call for more details.

Omaha Spa #2: Sanctuary Day Spa

7517 Pacific Street Suite B

(402) 934-8008

Another reputable beauty haven in the area is Sanctuary Day Spa. On their website they state “Leave your stresses and problems at the door and be carried away. Wipe away the dross and become pure.” Their staff is very well-trained and will provide you with an excellent spa experience. They offer several types of massages including the “Ancient Hot Stones Massage” that implement polish basal lava stones to relax the body and create a truly refreshing experience. Some of their beauty treatments include the “Hot Sea Mud Roll” which provides deep tissue detoxification and helps treat edema, arthritis, and sore or swollen muscles. They also offer “Raw Sugar amp; Honey Butter Exfoliation” which mixes raw sugar with honey and shea to cleanse the skin and leave it baby-soft. Of course they provide facials too such as the “Rainforest Rejuvenation” which uses banana peel and coco buriti. Another facial they provide is “Open Age Youth Dew Facial” which helps minimize wrinkles. For more information on their packages and services, visit their website here or give them a call.

Omaha Spa #3: Kimberly Spa

4130 S 144th Street

(402) 614-8400

Another Omaha spa that is popular for Omaha women (and men too) is Kimberly Spa. Their trained estheticians can provide you with numerous treatments such as a ultrasonic facial which will improve skin “tone,softness and texture.” They also offer a “Magic C Facial” which uses Vitamin C as an antioxidant and will leave your skin moisturized and very smoth. Some other facials that they offer include the “designer peel facial”, “photo rejuventaion facial”, and “ovygen facial.” Of course the spa also offers waxing, manicures and pedicures. You can even have your teeth whitened through spa white teeth whitening. Go to the web site, here for complete details. This is the perfect spa for bridal party services and more.

Omaha Spa #4: Absolute Serenity Day Spa and Rejuvenation Center

1000 N. 72nd Street

(402) 393-4219

An additional award-winning spa in the Omaha area is Absolute Serenity Day Spa. They offer specialized treatments such as fibromyalgia treatments (reduces symptoms), exology (uses pressure to help bring a healthy balance to the body), and “Thermal Steam Tent Treatment”,which removes toxins and resembles the same effects as a sauna. The spa provides numerous types of facials including the “Heated Stone Therapy” facial which stimulates tissues and assists in cell regeneration. There’s also the power facial, signature skin facial, and “Stone Cold” facial which will reduce puffiness and increase circulation. Acupuncture is also provided at the spa – vist the website for details. Of course the spa has a massage therapist as well, where you can receive Shiatsu, Sports, Swedish, Hot Rock, or Four Hand massage. This is a very reputable spa in the area. Every first Wednesday of the month is reserved for cancer patients only, and they offer FREE services to cancer patients.

Omaha Spa #5: Faces Day Spa

8715 Countryside Plaza

(402) 384-8400

Just because this spa is listed last, doesn’t mean it is a last resort. Their goal is “to transport you to a nother place, where you will leave all the stress and difficulties of life at the door.” If you need a facial, they are very experienced in that area and can offer you several types including European, Deep Pore Cleansing, Vitamin C facial and more. Some of the body treatments that they provide are “Cocoon Wrap” which exfoliates the skin and improves circulation. Of course they provide massages too – they offer the traditional swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, couples, and hot stone massage. Visit their website for full details.

An excursion to an Omaha spa will be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Whether you need a beauty tune-up, or want to look your best for a special event, a apa visit is well worth your time and money. If it’s too expensive at this time, try the next best thing – create your own facial at home! Read ” Fun and Relaxing Facial Mask Recipes ” for some homemade masks to try. In addition, if you would like a massage but cannot afford the price, read ” How to Get a Professional Massage for a Low Price .”



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