Since time immemorial, aesthetics have played a significant social and cultural role in any society throughout the world. Great value has been bestowed on beauty and youth. Having flawless skin and getting the right haircut could get you to places as much as unsightly acne and unmanageable hair could cause demotion.

Every individual aims to achieve that glamorous look from head to foot. So what can you do when someone mistakes your hair for a rag and your flat iron seems to give no salvation? Can something be done to attain that desirable porcelain complexion? Hobart Handler 190.

To help you with your quest, a wide selection of hair, nail, and facial care can be found at different spas. Spas that offer quite an interesting choice of manicures, pedicures and facials have prices that range from $30 – $97. However, small spa establishments offer the same services at much, much lower prices.

Services that are offered include:

Pedicure (priced at $60) relaxes tired legs and feet and leaves toenails in top shape. Pedicures can also help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Dead skin cells at the bottom of your feet are removed usually by rubbing a pumice stone. After cleansing, if you prefer, you can have your nails beautified with a nail polish of your choice. Most spas offer a wide selection of nail lacquers to suit your liking.

Manicure (priced at $50). A manicure treatment can be just for the hands or nails, or can be for both. Hand skin can be softened through exfoliating dead skin cells. The nails are filed to a preferred length and polished. Fingernails can be painted with a favored colored. Some salons may offer services that include attaching artificial nails, painting of pictures or designs on the nails, applying small decals or imitation jewels for an added fee.

Haircut and Styling (priced at $40) creates the look you desire. Want to look grungy or sophisticated? A hair cut could do the trick. Get that cute bob cut, or that afro look. Find a look that defines your personality. It depends on your preference, just make sure to clarify the details with your hair stylist to prevent undesired do’s.

Hair Perm (priced at $95). Tired of your dull and lifelessly limp hair? Get more dynamic with a curly do. Get loose with those sexy waves or go for coveted corkscrew curls.

Hair coloring (priced at $40) for a new look and a new you. Find a color that suits your eyes and attract that cute next door guy. Stop the process of aging and bring back the vibrant colors of youth or get highlights for that sun-kissed look.

Once you get that desired hair color, do not forget to dye your eyebrows with the same hue. Enhance your coloring experience through eyebrow tints priced at $17 while an eyelash tint is priced at $17.

Waxing and Hair Removal. Get rid of that unwanted hair through hair removal. It’s about time you free yourself of that unibrow. Raise your hands without fear of bushy outgrowths or wear that stunning bikini with the confidence of perfectly waxed legs. Prices depend on the part of the body involved. Eyebrow and underarm hair removal are priced at $15, hair removal on both legs at $80 and Brazilian waxing is at $75.

Facials. Great skin is intertwined with good health and youth. Stress may really harm your skin and remove that youthful glow. Bring back that glow or maintain that charm with facials that revitalize and leave skin looking healthy. Facials are usually priced at $50.

Getting a facial is not only beneficial for the skin; it is also a great way to relax. It can also be a mother-daughter bonding moment. You can bring that workaholic friend of yours for a treat and for some long-time due reuniting.

It is very important that you set-up an appointment at your favored salon so that you won’t waste your time waiting for your turn (which may never come). Also, inform your hairstylist or the salon staff about your allergies to certain chemicals before the procedure is done to prevent anaphylactic reactions.

Give clear directions as well on the look that you want to achieve, like a certain hair cut length. Do not be afraid to ask questions to correct misconceptions. Make your salon visit a rewarding one.

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