Massage Oils are used to rub into the skin for a therapeutic release of stress, relieve aches and pains or eliminate toxins in the body. There are many oils blended together to the perfect balanced, aromatic blend of massage oils to soothe your skin or ease certain skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. Some massage oils minimize the effects of aging and scarred skin. People use massage oils, as a basic skin moisturizer. Massage oils work wonders during your massage, but can really moisten and heal the skin, because of health benefits derived from natural oils. If you have dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin there are massage oils for your skin type. If problematic skin disorders or diseases plague you, certain healing massage oils were designed for these common skin ailments.

Massage Oils for Dry Skin

New! Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil- This oil is designed for relaxation, a tension taming massage. It has a blend of calming essential oils and relaxes the senses. It soothes the skin. I recommend this oil for dry skin because it is a blend of sweet almond oil and sesame oil.

Sesame oil has natural vitamin A and E, and sweet almond oil softens, soothes and reconditions dry skin.

SheaMoisture Moisturizing Body amp; Massage Oil- The oil was crafted with shea butter, herbs amp; botanical extracts, and vitamin E. It balances skin relieving dry skin. It is a 100% natural formula. Not only can it be put in your bath water or used to receive or give a massage to relieve tension.

Tip#-Shea Butter oil not only moisturizes extremely dry skin but also is healing. It helps with eczema, burns, and other skin irritations.

Massage Oils for Oily Skin

Zents Oolong Body Oil amp; Hydrating Elixir- A multi-purpose massage, body, amp; hair oil. It hydrates and nourishes with a blend of light oils. Light oils are best for oily skin. So that you get the moisture without heavy oil build up. It smells terrific. It has a green tea lime, blossom lavender; ylang ylang, etc blend of essentials to make this massage, multi -purpose oil, airy and sophisticated.

Safflower seed, sunflower, grapeseed, and jojoba oil are light oils all blended in this product.

Tip# Sunflower oil helps aged and damaged skin. Grapeseed oil moisturizes without leaving greasy feeling.

Zip’s Muscle Rub

A massage balm made to relieve aching muscles/ oils to penetrate skin to leave it moist, are sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and shea butter. An organic blend of herbs and extracts like Angelica, Arnica, golden seal, Dandelion, Wild yam etc. are in the awesome massage balm.

Spa Wisdom Monoi Miracle Oil

Experience a delightful fragrance. A featherweight oil that can be rubbed on your body, or used as a bath treatment for all skin types. This massage oil is especially great for oily skin because the key ingredient is babassu oil (a light non- greasy skin moisturizer), extracted from the wild growing babassu palm trees only found in certain areas of Brazil and South America.

Massage Oils for Combination Skin

Sugar Body Oil-Sweet scented light weight body oil. Massage onto fresh showered skin while damp to soften and add sheen to the body.

Almond Cookie Body Bath Oil- is perfect for all skin types. A multi-purpose oil, use for a massage oil, bath oil and moisturizer. It smells incredible. The oil absorbs into skin quickly. No parabens, mineral oils, petroleum or artificial colors.

Massage Oil for Sensitive Skin

Unfragranced Massage Oil- beneficial oil that conditions the skin. Excellent choice for sensitive skin, there is no essential oils to irritate the skin. Made with Marula oil (a super moisturizing oil from the Marula tree in southern Africa), organic olive oil. The fatty acids in it repair skin’s moisture barrier, restoring smooth and supple skin.

Aches amp; Pains Massage Oil

An herbal oil for all aches amp; pains. This oil combination relieves fatigue, stiffness, ingredients include organic olive oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond infused with calendula flowers, vitamin E oil amp; blended pure essentials.

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