I love unique concepts when it comes to bath time. From glow in the dark bubble baths, to odd dried up pieces of coral sponges, I have tried it all.

A few years ago on the racks at my local CVS i came across a unique bathing essential, that I felt I needed. Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves. These gloves were designed to massage my skin while applying soap, gel, or shower wash easily.

I figured this would be the perfect solution to holding soap. Instead of holding the soap I could just brush it across the gloves, and apply the suds that way.

The Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves, actually have an abrasive yet soft texture to them, so I knew that I would be renewing my skin each and every time I used them. I thought so anyway.

The gloves came in either pink, purple or blue at the time, I myself choose the pink.

At home I could not wait to put them to the test. I hopped into the shower, shampooed and conditioned, and then slipped on my gloves. I wanted to try it out with my soap first, so thats what I did. I rubbed my bar of soap in the palms of my gloved hands until I had a decent lather working. I then placed the soap to the side, and rubbed the gloves across my skin.

Um…it hurt. I won’t like. It was a bit more abrasive than I would have liked. I got used to it though, and continued to rub my skin. However it was not long till the gloves were saturated with water and suds; the gloves got heavy and fell off of my hands.

I ended up scooping one of them up and using it the same way I would use a shower poof. Using the glove this way sort of defeated the whole purpose of the gloves. Bah!

I suppose my hands were to small for the gloves; but what gives, they were obviously designed for a woman, there was no way in hell I could see a man purchasing these gloves! Why would they not make them tighter or smaller to accommodate the female hand?

I used them again a few days after that to apply shower gel, and the same thing happened. They worked for a few seconds, and once they became heavy and saturated they would slowly slip off of my hands. I tried holding on to the edges of the gloves to keep them on, but it became a pain in the butt to do this while trying to massage the soap lather into my skin.

They failed on designing the Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves; if they would have just made the elastic bands tighter, they would have worked like a charm. Too bad.


Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves is a big waste of $2.50. The concept seemed awesome at the time, but they are just a waste of time and money.

I recommend just sticking with your shower poof or sponge, it works better.

Pricing and availability:

I have seen the Essence of Beauty Bath amp; Shower Gloves nearly everywhere they sell bathing goods. They usually come wrapped in cheap plastic bags, and sell for $2.50 or more.

Avoid em’!

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