The face carries a lot of tension, this can be incredibly uncomfortable, and also very bad for your health, it can cause sinus problems, neuralgia, headaches and tiredness.

Facial massage is a quick and easy way to help alleviate tension in the face, it can also help unblock sinuses and relieve trapped fluids.

Massage your temples in an anti clockwise motion using your index and middle fingers.

Pinch the skin (gently) around your eyebrows, place your thumb below the eyebrow and the index finger above and gently pinch, starting from the inner corner of the eye and working outwards.

Relieve fluid retention and relax your eyes by using all four of your fingers to gently tap around the eye area; start at the brow and work right the way round in a circle. Use light tapping motions and use all of the fingers.

Help relieve neuralgia and a tight jaw muscle by using the knuckles of your index fingers to gently rub the jaw in circular motions, start near the jaw opening and work down.

Place your index, middle and ring fingers just below your cheekbones, push your cheeks up with the 3 fingers, smile, hold for 5 and release.

Place 3 fingers in the middle of your forehead, gently push up and slide them up, work all over your forehead.

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