From licensed esthetician and owner of the Divine Hands Day Spa , Angela Fort, comes 10 makeup tips you cannot afford to miss.

I had the unique opportunity to speak with Angela to get some inside information as to how she maintains flawless skin while helping countless other women to do the same, restoring their confidence in the process.

Now, these priceless tips are available to you:

1.) Ensure face is properly cleansed and moisturized prior to applying makeup; this will ensure a more smoother finish.

2.) Remember cosmetics have a shelf life. Cosmetics have gone bad if they have an odor or if the formula seems to have separated or dried out.

3.) Wash makeup brushes at least once a week. An anti-bacteria soap or shampoo can be used.

4.) Never pump mascara wand in and out, instead place wand in tube and turn right to left, and then pull out. This will help eliminate bacteria from getting in tube.

5.) For longer lasting and more easily blended mascara, a primer can be used.

6.) For wedding makeup, always use a Waterproof mascara to avoid smearing due to joyful tears.

7.) Filling lips with a neutral lip liner will assist in lipstick staying on longer.

8.) Concealers should be at least 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation.

9.) Stay away from sponges; sponges absorb more of your makeup than what’s actually going on your face.

10.) To darken a lipstick apply a lip liner darker than the actual lipstick; to lighten a lipstick, apply a lip liner lighter than the actual lipstick used.

Bonus Tip: When using liquid foundation, remember less is always more; Build your makeup to the level of coverage you like.

Now, that you have this information, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with your mothers, sisters, friends, cousins, and other loved ones.

Save this list for future reference. When having a makeup crisis, just ask yourself, W.W.A.D. What Would Angela Do?

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