A mature scar is a type of scar which takes longer to form, usually between 3-18 months after suffering from the wound. On the other hand, an immature scar forms shortly after being injured and it’s generally painful. One of the natural ways to remove scars is through undergoing massage therapy which consists of six different techniques.

The first type of massage therapy and one of the best natural ways to remove scars is manual lymph drainage. This process focuses on the circulation of the scar section and lymph tissue. The therapist will put pressure on your scar in a circular motion to drain it. It’s usually a painless procedure.

Myofacial release eases constriction by stretching the scar with the therapist’s fingers moving clockwise and counterclockwise. The therapist will perform it in a parallel direction of the scar tissue.

Deep transverse friction helps in preventing formations of adhesion and ruptures of present formations. This is a type of deep tissue massage technique that is recommended for patients who are ready for the procedure and not those who can’t tolerate the pain.

Lubrication can be performed with the use of lotion, vitamin E oil, castor oil and other types of oil. This technique softens the tissue and makes the texture malleable. Moreover, the scar remains moist and closed.

Other natural ways to remove scars are stretch technique and heat application. Stretch restores the scar area’s movement and lengthens the tissue. Heat application also improves the scars movement as well as malleability.

These natural ways to remove scars should be performed by a qualified and skilled massage therapist who can select the best therapy to heal your scars. You may also consult your doctor for recommendations. You don’t have to endure bearing scars for the rest of your life. With these natural ways to remove scars , you can finally move on, let go of the past and be confident with your physical appearance.

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