With Valentines Day right around the corner many of us are planning special romantic nights with out loved ones. For those of you who’s night involve giving your loved one a massage, I know some of the best organic and natural romantic massage oils to use, and how to use them.

The first organic romantic massage oil you can use on your special night to give your loved on a perfect massage is Weleda’s Wild Rose Body Oil. It has a nice wild rose scent to it and the body oil itself is made from organic nourishing and softening oils like almond, jojoba, and rose oils. These ingredients also help firm up the skin and relax the body as you are giving your loved one a massage. This body oil is oily enough to give a massage without having to lift your hands up constantly to grab some more oil, which means you can massage for hours on end, or at least that is what I have noticed from using this massage oil myself. The cost of the massage oil is around $17, which sounds like a lot of money to pay for a massage oil, but this one will last months on end. At least it did for me anyways. Iceland travel.

The second organic massage oil I like to use myself and would recommend to anyone to use on Valentines Day to help give their partner a romantic massage is Weleda’s Relaxing Lavender Body Oil. It has a lovely calming lavender scent to it that I love, and is made with organic soothing hydrating nourishing oils like almond, sesame, and lavender. This massage oil last a long time on the skin before it absorbs into it so once again you can give the perfect massage to your loved one. This organic lavender massage oil cost around $11.

The third organic massage oil and most affordable one I like to use and would recommend for someone to use on their romantic night to give their loved one a massage is Monoi Tiare Tahiti Vanilla. This massage oil has a really nice romantic vanilla aroma to it and is made from organic essential oils like coconut and vitamin E. These organic oils massage very well into the skin and absorb nicely, but they do not last a long time on the skin while giving a massage, but the scent of it is very romantic and is perfect for Valentines Day. The price this romantic massage oil is solid for is around $6.

The forth natural massage oil I would recommend to someone to use because I use it and like it myself is the Nature’s Alchemy Pure Sweet Almond Oil. It has a very nice fragrant free massage oil for those of you who can not use fragrant massage oils on your loved ones on your romantic night well you are giving them a massage. The oil is made from pure almond oil and really helps give an amazing massage because it doesn’t dry up fast and it stays on top of the skin for awhile so you can give a long relaxing massage to your loved one. I like to use this natural massage oil in my bath as a hydrate bath oil with some lavender oil and it really helps soothes and softens my skin while relaxing my body, mind, and spirit. This body oil cost around $10, and last 2 to 3 months depending on how much you end up using it.

The stores you can find all of these organic and natural romantic massage oils for Valentines Day is your local health food or herbal store, your pharmaceutical store, and online at Vitacost.com. I hope all of you have a wonderful romantic Valentines Day and really enjoy using some of organic and natural romantic massage oils to give your loved ones a massage.

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