Whitening strips, massage chairs, $200 memory foam pillows, and more are included. A new trend in skincare that allows you to target various parts of your body (where it needs most improvement) comes with a patch. Patches are out there, designed to help quit smoking, relieve pain, prevent pregnancy and more. Now, patches are being designed to take care of your beauty concerns.

Many patches for skincare are designed to offset the appearance of aging. These include anti-wrinkle and cellulite patches. Collagen anti wrinkle patches, available over-the-counter, can help people remove lines and wrinkles from their face with a simple application to the affected areas such as the forehead and cheeks. Many manufacturer claim you will see results after only a few applications. Usually, there is a routine set for patch placement and it is encouraged that a moisturizer be applied immediately after.

Yet another type of skincare patch are Vitamin C patches. Vitamin C patches, acting as antioxidants, work to help repair skin damaged by the sun. As with other chemicals, skin patches work through time release technology which penetrates the contents of patch into the skin gradually within a couple of hours. This is why many patches require that it be worn over night. In the cause of Vitamin C skincare patches, they are heavily saturated yet comfortable to wear. As a result, the skin becomes smoother to the touch while having nutrients infused at the same time.

Anti-cellulite patches are also making its rounds on the market. These patches attach cellulite, which are a group of fat cells that buildup against one part of the skin that eventually causes a dimple effect when pressed. “Cellupatches”, as they are often called, usually contain natural ingredients. Surprisingly, there are cellulite patches with caffeine as well. Adding them into trouble areas for eight hours helps the caffeine seep in, which are supposed to help circulation.

Skincare patches are typically easy to use. They are a far outcry from cream products that may not penetrate the skin very well. All it takes is adding it to a problematic area and that’s it. Unlike creams and pills that require a little bit of brain power, skincare patches only need to be slapped on. Now, is there anyone on Earth that cannot do that?

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