Sometimes when you’re feeling a little adventurous, it’s fun to give or get a massage. LUSH Cosmetics understands this, and has a whole line dedicated to the art of massage. They offer a wide range of bars in different scents, from soft and sexy honey caramel to invigorating ginger and cinnamon.

I was interested in LUSH massage bars mostly because they offered a solution to messy creams and oils. When you’re giving or getting a massage, the last thing you want to be fumbling with is a slippery bottle of oil or cream! That is a total mood-killer. After I got past the whole “facilitating” aspect of massage bars, I realized that these bars do a great job of moisturizing my rough patches of skin during the winter!

Each LUSH massage bar is made with a blend of butters (cocoa butter and shea butter, which are both great for softening dry skin) and essential oils (such as lavender to sooth or neroli to invigorate). Most of all of these bars are vegan/vegetarian and NONE of them are tested on animals.

In order to use a massage bar, you first have to warm it up. You can do this by either holding it in your hands for a few minutes or by rubbing it on your skin first and then getting a good lather in your hands. It doesn’t take much to warm these bars up. They are solid at room temperature but like chocolate, it melts as soon as it hits body temperature.

I’ve tried two massage bars to date: Strawberry Feels Forever and The Honeymooner. The first one I tried was The Honeymooner, which is a heart-shaped massage bar that smells like vanilla and caramel, with little bits of chocolate inside the heart itself that melts when put in contact with skin. I wasn’t too keen on this massage bar, mostly because the smell reminded me of an old perfume I used to wear when I was a kid (Vanilla Fields, to be exact). This bar is also way too easy to melt. I couldn’t even get a good massage rhythm going without it starting to melt all over and break apart in my hands.

The second massage bar I tried was with much more favorable results. This is Strawberry Feels Forever, and it has to be my favorite massage bar out of all the ones I’ve smelled (and I’ve smelled all of them!) This has a strawberry cream scent to it, and it is a great moisturizer. The scent is sort of sweet but also not overpowering. It really is perfect and very pleasant to use with a partner. It also did a number on my dry winter skin; it felt so good to smooth this over my itchy dermis after a bath in the dead of winter. I felt so moisturized and soft that I just slid into my pajamas every night.

Another good use for massage bars is as a bath melt. LUSH sells their own line of bath melts but for those of us that don’t want to make another trip to the store (or spend more money), we can slice off a little sliver of our massage bars and plunk it in a warm bath. Since the water is hotter than body temperature, it melts easily and you can soak away your dry skin. Be careful though, as this will make your tub very slippery!

LUSH massage bars will run you between $7 to $12. If you buy two bars you get a free tin to keep your massage bars in. Before committing to buy, be sure to test out each massage bar at the LUSH store or read more reviews. If you have sensitive and dry skin, then these might be for you.

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