Getting a spa treatment is the most rewarding gift someone can receive. It allows the recipient a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. After making your appointment it is always best to know proper spa etiquette, especially if you have never been in a day spa before. These simple steps will help you and your therapist get through your treatment with complete relaxation.

The most important thing that you need to remember is that you must arrive on time. If you arrive on time you can enjoy your treatment to the fullest. If you arrive late to an appointment, chances are that you might not get the required time of your service. When making your appointment be sure that you have no prior engagements that you are required to go to, such as dropping off your children 10 minutes before your appointment or having a doctor’s appointment 30 minutes before your appointment – you never know what could happen. Plus, you want to be completely free of any distractions before your day of relaxation.

When you are in the room your therapist will ask you if there are any areas that are more stressed than others; be honest. If you do not give your therapist feedback, chances are that you are not going to enjoy your treatment as much as you should. If your therapist is too rough let them know. Don’t be afraid to speak during your treatment.

Remember you are in the spa for one specific reason: to relax! Let your therapist do their job and take in the full affect of your treatment. Forget about your child’s practice later that night, forget about your errands, and most important, forget what you are making for dinner that night. You are on that table for one reason: to relax.

Another important thing to remember while in a day spa: it is a public space. Yes, you are there to relax and have “me time” but don’t forget that you are not the only one that is having a treatment done. You need to respect the space of others. Just realize that if you are stressed-out the person sitting next to you is probably just as stressed. Unattended children are also forbidden in a spa. This is very disruptive and dangerous.

Now that your treatment is over you must vacate the treatment room upon completion of your service. But please do not forget about the relaxation room that awaits you. Each day spa has a room that they refer to as the “relaxation room.” This is where you go after a treatment has taken place.

After you shower and get all cleaned up it is time to pay. If you have received a gift certificate it is always important to know if a gratuity was included. Gratuities are important. It allows the therapist to know how much you enjoyed the service that they provided for you. It is also important to give the therapist, receptionist, or owner feedback, letting them know how the complete service went. Ask yourself if you were greeted properly, if they asked you if you would like a glass of water, etc. If you give the proper feedback chances are that you will be returning to that specific day spa and your next experience will be as great as the last.

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