When I have a cold or the flu, or, if I’m feeling under the weather in any other fashion, I want to use a product that will relax me, rejuvenate me, or refresh me in some manner. When I’m down, I like to pamper myself a little. After all, who else will do it for ‘ya?

I’ve always been known for my keen sense of smell, and my utmost enjoyment of the use of one of my favorite senses. I have a love of aromatherapy products, and do believe in their contribution to mood adjustment and overall wellness.

Nothing is better when you’re suffering from a cold than the right aromatherapy – especially bath products. I’ve raved before about the brand Kiss My Face® and their products for cold and flu. Their other body washes are top notch as well, such as their athletic wash (for sore muscles, but good for colds too).

Now, during my last trip stocking up on supplies to ease the discomfort of a cold, I was looking for my favorite Kiss My Face® Cold and Flu wash. However, the drugstore where I was shopping did not carry it, and so instead I bought Aromafloria Muscle Soak® Bath and Body Massage Oil, and their Body Wash as well.

Well, it’s ok. But it’s no Kiss My Face®. The fragrance combination should have been a winner – eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass (imagine my initial excitement!), but alas, the product did not deliver. First of all, it is packaged in such a fashion as one cannot smell before buying, and, the fragrance is far too weak. The body wash does not lather as well as my old favorite, and the body oil is not as smooth as some others I have purchased before from Bath and Body Works, for about half the price as well. Not to mention, the smell is barely distinguishable on the skin after use; it does not linger well. Nor does it seem to fill the air, especially in comparison to other products I have tried or relied on in the past.

The oil sells for $15 for 9 fl. oz, and the body wash sells for about $8 for 7 fl. oz.

You know, I never spend that kind of money on products like that….but I was desperate. Are desperation purchases like impulse purchases?

But, I’ve had worse. I will use the products until they are gone, but, in the meantime I might have to find my old standby for those especially blah days.

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