Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon has been in business since 1991. They specialize in weight control services, skin care, day spa, massage therapy, hair and nail services. They also specialize in Wullstone therapy, body treatments, Rejuvalite therapy, full service hair salon, acrylic nails, and reflexology.

While this salon is adequate, I felt that it was a little too small. There isn’t a lot of room for clients to sit and relax without tripping over each other. The mood is a bit hectic because of this and tends to put you in a stressful state of mind instead of the relaxing mentality you are there to pay for. Of course, it could also depend on when you go. The weekends will be busier than the weekdays. The experience could be totally different when they aren’t as busy.

The prices for the services they provide were a bit high for my taste. The haircuts there are average and you may even get a sense of buyer’s remorse after you leave the salon. There are plenty of other hair and nail salons in St. Augustine for this place not to be more competitive in customer service, pricing and overall quality. I think that if they created and executed a marketing and customer service plan, there would be resolutions to many of the smaller issues they may have.

If you are going to go to Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon I would encourage you to start with something small that can be undone if necessary. Instead of getting a hair cut and color, begin with getting your nails done. If that experience is satisfactory, then graduate to some of their other services. Build a rapport with your stylist and do not be afraid to let them know what you want and what you are unhappy with if anything.


Debbie’s Day Spa and Salon, Inc.

403 Anastasia Blvd.

St. Augustine, FL 32080


Acceptable forms of Payment:

Visa, Mastercard

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