LUSH, the natural and handmade cosmetics company, recently updated an old favorite. The Therapy massage bar is now made with 100% organic ingredients. Therapy was my favorite massage bar made by LUSH, so I wanted to see how the new version compared with the original. This review will help you if you loved Therapy before or if you are thinking about getting your first massage bar.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a massage bar is basically a lotion in solid form. The base is cocoa butter and each has a different blend of essential oils to give it different properties. Cocoa butter’s melting point is very close to our body temperatures, so you heat the massage bar up in your hands or on another person’s body. The lotion begins to melt and you can use that as you would a liquid product.

The first thing I noticed about the 100% organic massage bar was its smell. This is the biggest difference between the old version of Therapy and the new. The new product has a rich, faintly chocolaty smell. I was told that this is because the cocoa butter in it is not as refined. I have to say that the new smell took some getting used to, but I think if you have never tried Therapy you will like it very much. “Lushies” may be a bit taken aback at first because of their familiarity with the smell of the original product. The turning point for me came one day after I had rubbed the new Therapy on my legs. I got in bed and was overwhelmed by a wonderful milk chocolate smell. After a few minutes I realized what it was-me!

Therapy is infused with essential oils like neroli and lavender. This is supposed to make it very calming. I love to use it when I need to relax. Those are the times when I can really feel the benefits of the natural essential oils inside the massage bar. It would be great for kids who need help falling asleep before bed-time and for moms who need a break. I highly recommend Therapy to anyone who just needs to relax. It is especially good if you are pregnant because the neroli helps increase the elasticity of the skin so you may have less stretch marks and it should encourage your skin to spring back after your delivery. Also, I heard a story of a pregnant woman who rubbed Therapy on her stomach during her pregnancy. When her baby was born he was clean and smooth instead of red and wrinkled!

Therapy is not as good on sore muscles as LUSH’s other massage bar called Wiccy Magic Muscles. It is very soothing though; perfect for sensual massage. It has a small nub on it that can be used during massage for texture. I love it but it wears down quickly. The cocoa butter in Therapy melts down at a nice pace. When you rub it between your hands it is not greasy or slimy, and I also never feel like I’m trying to start a fire when I’m using it.

Therapy is still my favorite massage bar. It is a great starter if you have never tried a massage bar or are giving one as a gift. I love that it is now 100% organic, and fans of the old Therapy would do well to remember the benefits of organic products when switching to the new version. It is a great all-around massage bar anyone can benefit from using.