If you like to make your own cosmetics, lotions, massage oils, or perfume oils, this guide will help you to choose what type of oil to use in your product. Any of these carrier oils can be used as body lotions or massage lotions, by simply adding a few drops of an essential oil or other ingredients. They are great for your skin and will leave it soft and smooth. Using natural oils in your products will make you feel better about what you are making, and are better for the earth as well.

Environmentally Friendly Oils: Avoid Oils Made from Animals

Many body products that you buy at the store contain oils derived from animals. Avoid these in favor of plant oils, and help save the environment. Mineral oil is made from petroleum, and actually dries out your skin over time. Emu oil comes from dead emus. Castor oil is usually derived from castor beans, but sometimes comes from dead mammals like muskrats and beavers. Similarly, squaline may be made from plants, but is sometimes derived from sharks. Lanolin comes from sheep, but it is derived from shearing the sheep, so they are not hurt. Out of all of these, Lanolin is the only one that I would use, but there are so many great choices that you can avoid that as well if you prefer plant-based products.

Environmentally Friendly Oils: Choosing Plant Based Oils

Plant oils are the best choice for your body products and personal use. Here is a list of the oils that you can find in supermarkets and health food stores:

Avocado Oil – A great moisturizer

Almond Oil – High protein oil

Apricot Kernel Oil – makes great lip balm

Cocoa Butter – water repellent, good for very dry skin

Flaxseed Oil – rich in Omega-3

Grapeseed Oil – less greasy than other oils

Kukui Nut Oil – a new oil gaining popularity

Mango Butter – gives skin a healthy glow

Peanut Oil – good moisturizer, but may add a peanut odor

Sesame Oil – has some natural sunscreen properties, light nutty oil

Jojoba Oil – a liquid wax, make a great hair conditioner

Olive Oil – slow drying oil, great for anything

Shea Butter – a skin protectant and moisturizer

Wheat Germ Oil – high in vitamin E

A simple way to use these oils is to pour some into a reusable plastic container, so that you can use it in the bathroom without worrying about breaking glass. Add drops of essential oil until it has a nice fragrance. Now you can use it as massage oil, body oil, bath oil, shaving lotion, or for anything else you want. A tiny drop makes a good hair conditioner on dry hair. Experiment with these ingredients, and you will soon have a few great and practically free body products to use.