It seems that all of us male and female alike have small hair problems that are irritating. Dandruff is always an issue as well as embarrassing so what helps? Natural curly hair can get tangled and become a frizzy mess if not treated with conditioner that is worked in and hair detangled. A lot of people have shampoo and conditioner build-up that causes issues with tangles, sheen and just takes away the healthy hair look all together. I think we would all agree there are lots of problems with hair out here in the real world.

The Best Scalp Massage Shampoo Brushes

The best scalp massage shampoo brushes are a God sent to those that have small hair problems. They help with dandruff issues and are a wiz with tangled curly hair. It’s an inexpensive idea or solution for lots of hair problems so why not take advantage by purchasing one today? Here are the top five inexpensive scalp massage shampoo brush’s that are easy to use every time you take a shower.

Swissco Deluxe Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush

Swissco is by far the deluxe model of scalp massage shampoo brushes. For only $2.29 plus shipping on you can get the best available in my opinion. It is easy to use and easy on the scalp. Fits nicely in your hand and helps to detangle and rinse chemicals in the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. Just rubbing it gentle across your scalp helps you start the day relaxed. A real steal and fun to use. Make sure it drains well and clean often to avoid any crude building up in the brush.

Kent Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush

Kent makes an attractive scalp shampoo brush much like the Swissco but it cost about a dollar and a half more. Not sure it’s worth the extra money. Nonetheless it is easy to use with bristles a little wider then the Swissco that helps to promote healthy roots and pliable scalp when used on a daily basis. Massaging your hair with the Kent scalp massage brush or any brush helps to soften and make it more manageable.

Luxor Professional Shampoo Brush amp; Scalp Massager w/Suction

Just because they call it professional they charge almost twice as much. I found it on sale at for $4.87 plus shipping. The unique thing about the Luxor is that it comes apart and drains easily which keeps it clean and ready to use. For $10.82 plus shipping it comes with Massagio Ultimate Shampoo Brush. It clips easily between your fingers and is a snap to use.

Denman Shampoo Massage Brush

The Denman, which I found at for $3.95 plus shipping, is a one-piece economical model. Although I believe you can get a better scalp massage shampoo brush it has a nice pliable easy to fit in your hand shape. This brush has as smaller bristles then normal for those with dandruff conditions that need an invigorating massage. For that reason it might be a good value.

Genco Shampoo Massage Brush

If you are on the go traveling a lot this is a must. Very compact and can be found for a mere $1.29 plus shipping. This handy little brush works well on the go and helps keep your scalp invigorated and your hair clean. This brush needs to be used for travel while using one of the above for daily home use. A great accessory and small gift for someone you like. Also this website seems to have a number of options if you would like to look at other brushes and massagers.

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