There are a ton of Day Spas in the Washington DC area, but not all of them will live up to the expectations that we all want when we visit one of these establishments. Most spas lack the quality of service that we should get. A massage or facial is usually rushed thru, just to get you in and out. However, there are some Spas that are well above the rest and receive my grade for the Top Day Spas in the Washington, DC area.

The Georgette Klinger Skin Care Institute, located in Chevy Chase Maryland, has been around since 1941 and remains one of the top day spas in the area. This spa tends to be crowded all the time and I can imagine that a call-in appointment is necessary to get a good treatment. One of my friends visited this day spa and loved the service as well as the quality treatment. If she liked it, then it is good enough to get my vote.

In addition to the great massages and treatments that the Georgette Klinger Skin Care institute offers, they also offer a variety of gift cards ranging from $50 to $50,000.

Georgette Klinger Skin Care
5481 Wisconsin Ave.
Chevy Chase, MD
(240) 482-8450

In Potomac Maryland, the Natural Body Day Spa amp; Shoppe is a peaceful and relaxing experience for the body as well as the mind. The treatments that you can receive at the Natural Body Day Spa, depends on the current season, your diet, as well as your current health condition. One of my favorite treatments is the ‘couples massage’ package. With this treatment, you and your partner enjoy a 90 minute massage and tips on how to deliver a massage to your spouse at home.

Natural Body Day Spa amp; Shoppe
1083 Seven Locks Rd
Potomac, MD
(301) 610-5004

4100 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA
(703) 243-4015

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Several people that I know who work in the downtown DC area like the Anu Day Spa. One of the biggest reasons for the Anu Day Spa’s popularity is the convenience and location. This spa is in the heart of the working district and can be a fitting relaxation after a hard day of work. Compared to most Spas in the area, the Anu Day Spa has reasonable pricing as well as quality service and treatment.

Anu Day Spa
617 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Suite Two
Washington, DC
(202) 544-8268

The Hummingbird Skin Care Spa is a popular choice for loyal customers as well as those who visit this spa for first time. I like the quiet and elegant setting at the Hummingbird Skin Care Spa. The moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm smile by a beautiful hostess who helped me find a treatment that would be best for me. As I received my massage, I was impressed by the other therapist who spoke other languages other than English. This is very convenient for everyone of all ethnic backgrounds who wish to enjoy the best service.

Hummingbird Skin Care Spa
2440 M Street, NW, Suite 505
Washington, DC
(202) 785-4228

The Mandarin Oriental is a hotel/spa that’s definitely a beautiful establishment with the best service and massages that I’ve ever had. It’s a bit pricey for me, but I am sure that there are plenty of people that are willing to dish out the big bucks for some quality treatment. This hotel/spa offers luxurious suites with a good view of downtown DC. Customers can choose from full and half day treatments as well as a special treatment package that may vary. I recommend the Mandarin Oriental day spa and hotel to anyone in or around the Washington DC area.

Mandarin Oriental
1330 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC
202) 787 6100

Hela, meaning whole or complete in Swedish, is the right definition for the Hela Spa. The Hela Spa offers more than great massages and facials. Photo Rejuvenations and Laser Hair Removal, is just a couple of the special treatments that are offered here. The atmosphere is subtle and with a modern feel to it. This day spa stays busy all the time, so it is sometimes difficult to get a therapist that will take their time to treat you with patience. I still feel that the Hela Spa is a good establishment. Make sure you call ahead of time and set up an appointment.

Hela Spa
3209 M Street NW
Washington, DC
(866) 870-7103

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